Vinyl Job Ticket Holders

Also Known As: Route Traveler Cards, Routing Card Holders, Shop Ticket Holders, Sheet Protector.

Common Uses: A Job Ticket Holder is used to store reference materials, for equipment tag outs, as retail tag holders, as a price tag sleeve, and product information holder sleeves.

For Retail: In addition to our Vinyl Envelopes, we offer two primary types of job ticket holders for retail applications. The first is a clear vinyl sleeve with an extra layer of vinyl and reinforced holes for hanging product or items in a clear pouch that is easy and convenient to display and inventory. The design has rounded edges that make it attractive and easy to insert cards or sheets that allow handling by the customer as they shop. The second type is commonly known as an above / below tag holder. This type of job ticket holder has at least one pocket on top for extended product information with a smaller pocket below that is commonly used for inventory cards, or to hold special offer insert. It is easy to insert and remove an insert from either pocket.

For Industry: Often known as shop ticket holders, our clear vinyl pouches are made with reinforced holes for hanging on job racks, product storage racks, or for placing equipment tag-out at eye level to get attention. This keeps keeps items close at hand, around the shop while protecting the contents or insert from spills. The reinforced holes ensure extended product life and can be further reinforced with a metal eyelet and durable, heavyweight vinyl, to order.

For Office: In the office, our job ticket holders provide a durable holder to store tags on key rings, hold equipment info tags, or as a convenient way to keep proximity badges close at hand with lanyards. Reinforced with a metal eyelet, the durable vinyl can ensure that the holder can be used for a very long time.

For Warehouse: Manufactured with durable vinyl and securely sealed edges, our shop ticket holders are often used for hanging product information on racks, work orders for equipment, inventory cards, job tickets, and as heavy duty tags for shipping and handling information.

Common Materials: 4 mil - 14 mil (Our regular super clear vinyl, medium weight vinyl, and heavyweight vinyl).

Common Options: Screen Printed Branding applied, Stickers applied, Hotstamp applied.

Notes: The job/shop ticket holder sleeves are made of soft clear vinyl for clear presentation of reading materials through the sleeve. We also use heavy duty vinyl material for industrial, shipping, or manufacturing applications. If the application requires two cards or documents to be read simultaneously (inventory cards) our Above/Below Ticket Holders are going to provide that advantage.

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